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Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card)

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Green Card Immigration Lawyer

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Residency Based on Approved Visa Petitions (either Family Based Immigration or Employment Based Immigration)

There exists two different processes to attain Lawful Permanent Residency (a “Green Card”)

  • Adjustment of Status which takes place within the United States if an individual is eligible.
  • Consular Processing (which takes place at a United States consulate abroad if an individual is eligible.)

Stateside Waivers (I-601A) are now available for individuals who are applying for their residency at a consulate abroad but must seek a waiver for a ground of inadmissibility first.

Removal of Conditions on Residency

  • Applies to a conditional resident (2 years) who obtained residency through marriage that must apply to remove the conditions of his or her residency
  • Renewal of Residency

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